Steve Bell

Sales Manager / Project Manager

At RG Asphalt and Concrete, Steve is the top salesman and project manager. In addition to his sales skills, he has also developed an expertise in designing parking lots and organizing all sizes of asphalt and concrete projects.

Although Steve’s primary position here at RG is to help secure our company as a competitive paving contractor, he still ensures our clients can come to us with practically any kind of building maintenance they need. With just over 6 years of sales experience with computer software, and double that in real estate asset management, Steve has spent the last +7 years tackling the construction industry. Using his prior sales and management knowledge to help create new techniques, he has expanded RG’s sales figures far beyond the company’s expectations. In the past, where he oversaw the complete staffing and operations of large apartment complexes, he gained a specific set of knowledge that today helps our clients envision how they can best meet all their capital improvement objectives.

At his time here at RG, he has acquired over 450 new clients, and has also secured our company as a “Pre-qualified Contractor” with the Archdiocese of Chicago. This has allowed RG to be awarded many projects in the Chicagoland area, and also has made way for our company to expand its business further into the Rockford church market. His positive, diligent, and forward-thinking attitude has allowed him to exceed RG’s goals year after year, and thus is an extremely valuable asset to our organization. Without him, we would be less well-off, and for that we can do nothing but thank him in his efforts.