As a co-founder and owner of RG Asphalt and Concrete, Ramon Gavina serves as our company’s chief field executive for project and equipment management. By working in the asphalt and concrete industry for over 30 years, Ramon has gained experience that has made him nothing short of RG’s master equipment operator. As the head of his staff, he leads his team in a manner that is quick but still sustainable– intense but still reliable.

Ramon has learned throughout his many years that maintaining multiple crews with multiple skill sets is an absolute must, so long as one has the ability to foresee the team and their varying capabilities. Because of his rigorous dedication to completing jobs not only in a manner that is efficient, but also exceptional, RG is able to take pride in its work as a company, and is deeply honored to say that it makes a truly positive contribution to its customers’ locations. Ramon wakes up every single day, and makes sure that he is going to work and motivate his team to their fullest potentials. With Ramon at the helm the sky is the limit.