As RG Asphalt and Concrete’s co-founder and owner, Karl Reinke has been with our company since the very beginning. With his experience amounting to something just over 30 years, Karl serves as RG’s chief of sales and customer relations. In short, he makes sure our company is fed and maintained by good opportunities to complete and perform work.

As the project and site development manager, he withholds one of the most involved responsibilities of strategic planning, which not only includes the present, but also the future. In bearing this duty, Karl dedicates himself to growing the company that is RG Asphalt and Concrete.

Throughout his years, Karl has learned that maintaining positive relationships with both customers and vendors can be one of the most valuable aspects of operating a productive company. With his dedication, enthusiasm, and personal commitment to the people around him, RG will continue to grow and establish meaningful business relationships for the rest of its days.