Striping, Pavement Markings, and Signage

There is only one chance at a first impression!  A parking lot is one of the first areas noticed by customers, clients and visitors.  A well-marked parking lot not only navigates people safely around the parking area but it also provides for the maximization of space with efficient traffic flow.  Crosswalks, stop bars, arrows, signage and properly marked areas are imperative to inform pedestrians where they should walk, when to give the-right-of-way and what areas to avoid.  To help improve and provide efficient traffic flow, our stripers will work with you to re-stripe, re-design and/or lay out new markings per your request and needs.

Rely on RG to stripe and mark your parking lot for its most efficient use!

ADA Compliance

Signed into law in July 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affects every company and property owner.  All businesses, no matter the size, must now have the proper amount of handicapped-accessible parking stalls and required van spaces.

Fire Lanes and Curb Striping

Parking lot curbs get painted a bright yellow color to show people where they’re not allowed to park. With all parked cars out of the way, emergency response vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks have plenty of room to do what they do best.

Maximization of Space & Designated Parking

Most property owners aim to get the most cars possible into a parking lot to maintain cost effectiveness and safety. Let RG design the right layout and parking lot striping to meet this goal. 

Before striping and marking can occur, it must be considered whether a parking lot needs parking spaces (or additional) for disabled persons & customers.  At RG, our planning process ensures this!

Angled Parking and Standard Parking

The right striping layout  depends on the dimensions of one’s parking lot and the areas one wants to locate their stalls and drive lanes. Sometimes this means parking stalls can be placed back to back, and sometimes it means they need to be staggered along each side of a roadway.