Meet Our Team

We’ve grown a lot over the years!




Our team here at RG Asphalt and Concrete is comprised of a multitude of pavement professionals. With some members having over 30 years of experience, our company roots itself in old style do-it-yourself work ethic, while also opening the door for young individuals in one of the toughest labor industries. Our number one priority as our clients’ top pavement contractor is to assure them that they experience quality service in the most timely matter. We promise to our customers that our team is hard-working and dedicated in every aspect that goes into completing their jobs. If given the chance, we are sure to outperform any kind of expectation our current and potential clients have set out for us, no matter what circumstance gets thrown our way.

Karl Reinke
Karl ReinkeCo-Owner
As RG Asphalt and Concrete’s co-founder and owner, Karl Reinke has been with our company since the very beginning. With his experience amounting to something just over 30 years, Karl serves as RG’s chief of sales and customer relations…
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Ramon Gavina
Ramon GavinaCo-Owner
As a co-founder and owner of RG Asphalt and Concrete, Ramon Gavina serves as our company’s chief field executive when it comes to project and equipment management. In working throughout the asphalt and concrete industry for over 30 years…
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Nancy Gavina-Ortiz
Nancy Gavina-OrtizOffice Manager
Nancy has been with RG Asphalt and Concrete since the very beginning. As we’ve grown, Nancy has worked behind the scenes to organize all of the action that goes on in our industry. She’s in charge of handling all of our company’s bills, invoices, and internal…
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Steve Bell
Steve BellSales and Project Manager
At RG Asphalt and Concrete, Steve is the top salesman and project manager. In addition to his sales skills, he has also developed an expertise in designing parking lots and organizing all sizes of asphalt and concrete projects. Although Steve’s …
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Laurie Cohn
Laurie CohnSales and Project Manager
Laurie joined our team after working in the event planning industry for several years. Since joining, she’s transferred her customer service and organizational skills to the asphalt and concrete industry.
Gabriela Rivero
Gabriela RiveroAdministrative Assistant
Gaby has been learning more about the pavement industry since she joined our team in 2020. She assists Nancy, Karl, Steve, and Laurie with everything that goes on behind the scenes in our office.
Karl Reinke Jr.
Karl Reinke Jr.Operations Manager
Karl Reinke Jr., operations manager, has dramatically improved RG’s efficiency both in the office and in the field. Following in the footsteps of his father and co-owner Ramon, Karl Jr. has been involved with RG since childhood.
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Andrew Gavina
Andrew GavinaAsphalt and Concrete Foreman
Angel Gavina
Angel GavinaSealcoating Foreman